Rei Nikolai

Name Rei Nikolai
Brand DOI Luke
Arrival April 12, 2011
Location Quezon, Palawan
Owner maiyr
Website maiyr@Multiply

April 12, 2011. Dream of Doll, Large, Palawan. Comments off.

Ninon Mei

Name Ninon Mei
Brand Oasisdoll Yaoyue
Arrival April 4, 2011
Location Marikina City
Owner ribbonfiend
Website – – –

April 4, 2011. Large, Marikina City, Oasisdoll. Comments off.

Damien Cain

Name Damien Cain
Brand Switch/SNG Hahwa + Volks SD Gr Body
Arrival March 31, 2011
Location Quezon City
Owner moptech
Website – – –

March 31, 2011. Large, Quezon City, Switch. Comments off.

Leila Selene

Name Leila Selene
Brand DOT Tender Shall
Arrival February 18, 2011
Location Bacolod City
Owner foodgod
Website imspacingout@Wordpress

March 31, 2011. Bacolod City, Dream of Doll, Large. Comments off.

Artemis du Soir

Name Artemis du Soir
Brand Doll-Love Deep Lake
Arrival March 29, 2011
Location Quezon City
Owner ichigosayou
Website – – –

March 29, 2011. Doll Love, Large, Quezon City. Comments off.

Emilia Seraphyna de Montigue (Emily)

Name Emilia Seraphyna de Montigue (Emily)
Brand Kid Delf Kiwi
Arrival March 23, 2011
Location Quezon City
Owner Sam Regalado
Website hillsteincookie@DA

March 23, 2011. Luts, Medium, Quezon City. Comments off.

Bao Lian “Bian” Mei

Name Bao Lian “Bian” Mei
Brand Oasisdoll Linglan
Arrival March 22, 2011
Location Pasig
Owner battiegotriddim
Website POTU@DA

March 22, 2011. Large, Oasisdoll, Pasig. Comments off.

Sasha Luna

Name Sasha Luna
Brand Soom Kanoa
Arrival March 14, 2011
Location Quezon City
Owner eritan
Website eritan@Multiply

March 14, 2011. Large, Quezon City, Soom. Comments off.

Ma. Christine Angelia

Name Ma. Christine Angelia
Brand Custom House Ange Ai Hani
Arrival March 11, 2011
Location Laguna
Owner losclarita
Website – – –

March 11, 2011. Custom House, Laguna, Medium, Small. Comments off.


Name Raja
Brand Volks SD17 Reisner
Arrival March 11, 2011
Location San Juan/Bulacan
Owner dheity_rigel
Website Inimitable Life

March 11, 2011. Bulacan, Large, San Juan, Volks. Comments off.

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